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Enjoy a spectacular view of millions of flamingos.



Catch a glimpse of buffaloes wallowing in the swamps


Mt. Longonot

Climb Mt. Longonot and catch the spectacular view of the Rift Valley.


Lake Baringo

Visit the bird watching paradise of the world



Lake Nakuru

Bontana Hotel is the most ideal for African lion safaris as it gives you proximity to the famous Lion Hill within the Lake Nakuru National Park where sightings of lions are frequent. It’s within Lake Nakuru that you get closest view of the greater flamingo species. Moreover, this park is home to the endangered rhino.

Other animals that you are likely to see include leopards, buffaloes, dik dik, zebras, giraffes, etc. The park is also a spectacular major bird-watching paradise so much so that the famous ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson dubbed it "The Greatest Bird Spectacle on Earth".

Lake Bogoria


Lake Bogoria is in the heart of a semi-arid landscape with Siracho Range on the backdrop. The soda water of the lake attracts massive flocks of flamingo giving the lake a pink colour from a bird's eye view. The lake is still volcanically active which contributes to its western shore being lined with spouting geysers, spurting steam and bubbling geothermal pools.

Fresh water springs at the lake's edge attract an abundance of birds such as the fish eagle that preys on flamingos as well as wildlife such as gazelle, zebra, baboons and the greater kudu.

Lake Baringo

Only a couple of hours away from Bontana Hotel, Lake Baringo is nearly 500 km squared and is a major tourist destination. The lake is regarded as the bird-watching paradise of the world with over 450 species of birds recorded.

On the shores of the lake are a number of geysers, hot springs, millions of flamingos and the rare striped kudu. A cultural visit to a traditional Njemps village can also be arranged via our sister hotel Soi Safari Lodge.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a beautiful freshwater lake, fringed by thick papyrus. The lake is almost 13 Km in diameter but its waters are shallow with an average depth of 5 metres. Much of the lake is surrounded by forests of the yellow barked Acacia Xanthophlea, known as the yellow fever tree.

These forests abound with bird life and wildlife such as giraffes roaming among the acacia trees, buffalo wallowing in the swamps and colobus monkeys calling from the treetops while the lake's large hippo population sleep away during the day in the shallows parts of the lake. Boat rides are a great way to spend the day.

Mt. Longonot 3

Standing over the shores of Lake Naivasha at 2886 metres above sea level, this massive dormant volcano dominates the landscape for miles around. The brooding hulk of the mountain is lined with spectacular fissures and laval canyons. As you climb these slopes, you pass through herds of grazing game as the spectacular view of the Rift Valley and Naivasha unfolds below.

Mt. Longonot's vast crater is an awesome sight to behold especially its jagged edge surrounded by a wide variety of vegetation. A climb up Mt. Longonot is an ideal day trip from Bontana Hotel.

Hell's Gate

Hell’s Gate National Park lies beside the Lake Naivasha. This park was named after its spectacular volcanic activity with several steam vents and bubbling springs. The park is home to a profusion of plains game and bird life. Walking is permitted as there are no preying carnivores, making it ideal for hiking, biking, and rock climbing.

Hell’s Gate National Park is one of Kenya’s best place to do some rock climbing. Fischer’s Tower, a large volcanic pillar, is also a good climb. There is a qualified rock climbing guide for hire based at park. Rock climbing equipment is also available for hire.

Thompson Falls

These falls are named after the famous British explorer, Joseph Thompson in 1884. Thompson was a prodigious bestower of names, particularly of his own. He is responsible for naming the Thompson's Gazelle .

Menengai Crater

Menengai Crater is a huge volcanic crater that is 12 Km across and 500 m deep. Historically, this was once the site of a major inter-tribal battle between two Maasai clans. It is possible to hike in this area is to the rim of Menengai Crater, high over Nakuru town. The crater's edge (at a height of 2272m) provides a spectacular view from the top. A hike to the crater and back to the hotel can take about 6 hours.





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